How Much Does a Martin Bros Custom Car Cost?


Martin Bros Customs of Texas is renowned for its expert craftsmanship and attention to detail when revitalizing vehicles of all shapes and sizes, such as busted bikes and roadster shells.

Custom cars are more than mere vehicles – they’re works of art on wheels. But how much does it cost to own one?


Joe Martin and his crew at Martin Bros Customs specialize in breathing new life into old iron. Through years of hard work and dedication to their craft, this team at Martin Bros Customs has perfected this skill. Working closely together, Amanda, Jayson “Shag” Arrington, and Michael “Shorty” Ponce search the Texas countryside for mechanical treasures they can bring back to life at their shop located just outside Austin.

Costing can vary, depending on the customization and design a customer selects, with exotic wood accents and leather interiors contributing significantly to total costs. Furthermore, complexity in designing requires a skilled team to bring unique ideas to fruition – so this also plays a factor.

Establish a realistic budget and prioritize the desired features before comparing this cost with similar vehicles’ prices to estimate how much it’ll cost. Furthermore, factor in additional expenses like taxes, insurance, and ongoing maintenance as part of this calculation. Once you know how much your dream car will cost, you can shop for options.

Martin Bros Customs is an award-winning custom car builder that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind vehicles and bikes, known for their innovative designs and impeccable craftsmanship. They also provide engine rebuilding, custom fabrication, vehicle painting, and much more at competitive rates, though these services come at a premium cost.

The Martin Brothers are a family-owned business specializing in custom motorcycles and cars. Their work has been featured on multiple television programs such as Discovery Channel’s Biker Build-Off and Velocity’s Iron Resurrection, garnering them much publicity as they are now recognized brands with their merchandise available for purchase.


Materials used to craft custom cars are critical in their performance and beauty. Martin Brothers uses premium materials, such as leather and wood veneers, for maximum quality finishes while using only high-performance engineered components that improve performance while increasing fuel efficiency. While such details may add cost to your purchase price, their investment pays dividends!

Martin Brothers custom cars vary in cost depending on which model and features are selected; though their specialists can provide an accurate quote after discussing your vision, financing options are also available. It is also essential to factor in other associated expenses like insurance and maintenance when considering ownership of such an auto.

IRON RESURRECTION is a show about Joe Martin and Amanda Martin of Texas as they transform automotive dreams into reality. Joe scours Texas for neglected motorized treasures, which they transform into one-of-a-kind vehicular masterpieces, drawing viewers in as it portray their daily trials and triumphs – something viewers love watching!

Iron Resurrection stands out from other TV shows by depicting real life at a custom shop. The Martin family works tirelessly around the clock to meet deadlines and satisfy customers, and their hard work has paid off; with five seasons already, this show continues its run.

Joe and his team at Martin Bros Customs specialize in crafting personalized cars to each customer’s specifications, featuring exquisite craftsmanship that showcases their personality and style. However, these vehicles aren’t cheap; their total costs could easily surpass six figures.

Martin Bros Customs employees remain unknown to the show’s producers and have hidden them; however, one can assume they consist of highly skilled workers. Their impressive portfolio and numerous awards won by employees have made Martin Bros Customs a firm favorite among car enthusiasts.


The Martin Brothers are world-renowned for their expertise in turning automotive dreams into reality. Their bespoke creations represent more than mere vehicles; they represent works of art that showcase exceptional craftsmanship, creativity, and individuality coveted by car enthusiasts worldwide and serve as an emblem of excellence. At the same time, the cost may be high for those seeking an extraordinary driving experience.

Step one in purchasing a custom Martin Brothers car is to reach out and communicate your vision and budget to their team, who will then create a formal agreement detailing project scope, costs, and timelines, as well as regular updates throughout. Once started, this process typically takes several months until completion.

Joe Martin from Iron Resurrection is an award-winning custom car and motorcycle builder who co-owns Martin Bros Customs shop in Texas. Specializing in turning rusted piles of metal into appealing automobiles, Martin’s work has been showcased on Discovery Channel’s reality show Iron Resurrection, which follows his journey as he restores cars and motorcycles designated for destruction.

Martin Brothers Customs specializes in not only turning rusty junk into breathtaking hot rods but also in custom fabrication services. Their skilled artisans utilize various materials and techniques – such as painting, chrome plating, and engine upgrades – to achieve the desired aesthetic results. In addition, they offer their customers a selection of customized parts and accessories; prices may differ depending on how much customization is desired.

Martin Brothers Customs stands apart from traditional auto shops by being run as a family-operated business. Their employees work tirelessly to restore damaged automobiles into beautiful machines while upholding classic car and motorcycle heritage. Company founder Joe Martin has become known as an expert in custom car building, as featured on several television shows.

Martin Brothers Customs’ team at Martin Brothers Customs is currently working on numerous other projects in addition to Iron Resurrection. One such creation is a 1937 Ford coupe featuring an eye-catching tri-tone color scheme and customized interior, as well as a twin-cylinder bike.


As well as the initial purchase price, owning a Martin Brothers custom car requires ongoing maintenance and insurance costs that should be factored into any final decision. Furthermore, hidden expenses like taxes or shipping fees could significantly add to the total costs of owning one of their vehicles.

If you’re considering purchasing a Martin Brothers custom car, contact their company directly for a quote. They’ll ask you for details of your vision and needs to create an accurate cost estimate; plus, they’ll assist in finding financing.

The Martin Brothers Company of Johnson City, Texas, has been a family-run enterprise for over five years. They’ve been featured on various reality shows as an inspiration to aspiring car enthusiasts, earning them a stellar reputation for exceptional work and client satisfaction.

Joe and Jason, Martin of Iron Resurrection, may be best known as stars of its popular reality TV show; however, they prefer staying out of the spotlight and focusing on their shop rather than basking in its limelight. That doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy all the benefits that being on television brings; in fact, they have managed to make significant income from it!

Iron Resurrection is a reality television show that follows the Martin brothers as they transform cars in disrepair into eye-catching automobiles. Airing for five seasons now, viewers have become fascinated with their skills and abilities to restore vehicles to working condition. The show has gained immense popularity.

The Martin brothers are renowned for their craftsmanship and attention to detail, which is one reason they remain such a top choice among automotive enthusiasts. Famous for transforming vintage vehicles into stunning works of art, their custom vehicles provide maximum performance while offering exclusive exclusivity, making them an excellent investment for those who relish driving themselves.