Christmas Real Estate Marketing – How to Market Your Real Estate Business During the Holidays


The holiday season can be an excellent opportunity to market your real estate business, using techniques such as contests, virtual tours, and personalized e-cards to keep clients and leads thinking of you throughout the holidays. The best way to find international buyers for your properties.

Request testimonials from past and current clients about their experience with you; this will demonstrate your expertise while building trust between both parties involved.

Content marketing

At Christmas time, real estate agents can leverage content marketing to foster a sense of community among their local clientele. For instance, they could run a campaign to collect gifts for children who might otherwise go without one this year by teaming up with charities like Feed the Children, Samaritan’s Purse, Transparent Hands Foundation, or Americares Foundation – this type of campaign offers real estate agents an ideal way to connect with local communities while building their ethical reputation as well as creating photos and videos they can later use in real estate social media campaigns!

Your clients and prospects could appreciate you giving them helpful Christmas tips through your website, social media channels, or email newsletter. For instance, provide clients with practical advice about decorating their homes for Christmas decorations; run a contest to select their favorite home – a great way to generate social media engagement while also creating real estate ads!

Engaging clients and prospects in holiday cheer with prizes like gift cards to grocery stores, staycation vouchers, or dinner vouchers is another effective strategy that can be done quickly online with TikTok or other social media platforms.

Paid ads

As part of your Christmas real estate marketing, you may consider running paid ads on social media as part of your real estate marketing. Paid ads can help reach a wider audience and draw in buyers; however, before creating any paid ad campaign, you must understand who your audience is in order to select an effective ad type you must know during the holidays as another way of connecting with clients and showing your care for the community. Holding a toy drive, collecting canned goods for donation at the food bank, or conducting other similar initiatives are great ways to establish strong client relationships while simultaneously building your reputation and potentially getting more business down the line.

Collaborating with local businesses is another effective way of marketing your real estate business during the holiday season. Offering discounts or gift cards may help attract potential clients – giving your company an edge against its rivals.

Christmas real estate marketing ideas also include approaching past clients with testimonials. Since most are in good spirits around this time of year, they will more likely agree to share their experiences. You could include photos of their home or property in these testimonials for added personalization.


Real estate agents can use contests as part of their holiday season marketing strategy to engage their local communities and raise brand awareness. Contests offer real estate agents an excellent way to stand out in a crowded marketplace while simultaneously generating quality leads and developing relationships with prospective customers that lead to lasting relationships and enhanced loyalty.

Create community spirit and demonstrate that you care about real estate by hosting an online or offline competition for a Christmas-themed home decorating contest. Invite past clients to send pictures of their decorated houses; the most inspiring will be featured on social media or your website as part of this contest. It will create a sense of fun while showing people you are invested in this area of real estate business.

During the holiday season, consider sponsoring a charity event in your community, such as hosting a toy drive or collecting canned food donations for local food banks. Doing this will demonstrate to clients how you care for their community while simultaneously opening doors for real estate business leads.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be unable to host in-person real estate events; however, you can still connect with prospects by sending them e-cards online. Make it personal by addressing each recipient by name instead of generic greetings like ‘Dear friend/customer’; additionally add custom video content so as to increase its likelihood of being read and replied upon.

Vi,rtual tours

The holidays are an ideal opportunity to promote your listings through Vitol Tours. Tools like CloudPano, Kuula, and My360 allow you to produce captivating footage quickly that can entice potential buyers easily. Plus, click-through rates can be tracked via the virtual tour page on your website!

Another fun and cost-effective way to build relationships with potential clients is hosting a Christmas cookie swap. Not only will this event allow your prospects to get acquainted, it will also establish you as the go-to expert in your community. You can hold this event either at your office or through door-knocking sessions.

Holiday cards are an effective way to foster client relations and stay top-of-mind for potential buyers or sellers of homes in your market. Not only can they remind them about your service, but they also encourage people to reach out when the time comes – adding links directly to listings will be especially helpful for anyone new in town!

Asking your past clients for testimonials is also an effective strategy since 88% of customers read reviews prior to making purchase decisions. Furthermore, testimonials play an integral part in marketing strategies and can attract new business.

Personalized e-cards

The holiday season presents an excellent opportunity for real estate professionals to showcase their skills and reach new homebuyers. There are numerous marketing tactics you can employ – from personalized e-cards to flyers – that can help promote properties within their sphere of influence and keep them thinking about your services throughout 2019.

Create a Christmas blog to provide helpful tips and information to your clients, such as how to prepare their homes for sale or how to ensure a seamless closing process. By sharing such useful blogs on your website, you will increase your reach while gathering more qualified leads.

An excellent way to reach out to your sphere of influence during the holidays is through hosting a giveaway campaign. This could take place offline or online and could include prizes like gift cards, home inspection services, or dinner vouchers. TikTok allows users to run contests in which people record themselves displaying festive lighting inside their own homes.

Finally, you can reach your sphere of influence by organizing local events, such as tree-lighting ceremonies or holiday markets. Partner with local businesses to offer discounts on home-related services or products; this will build strong ties within the community while increasing visibility as a real estate agent and creating an experience that showcases the joy of homeownership.

Corporate social responsibility

Real estate agents tend to put their marketing efforts on pause during the holidays, but using this time to refocus strategies and prepare for the new year can help them gain a competitive advantage and make more sales.

One of the most effective tactics used by realtors to reach potential clients is paid advertisements. By targeting specific keywords and including holiday-themed concepts in these ads, realtors can reach their audience.

Another effective strategy is posting relevant content on social media. This could include tips for buying or selling homes during the holiday season and helping real estate agents establish themselves as experts in their field. Furthermore, asking past clients for testimonials during this festive period may prove more successful as individuals tend to be in better spirits and will more readily agree to provide one compared to during other times of the year.

An effective way to increase holiday real estate marketing is by hosting or participating in community events. Such events could include toy drives or food collections, networking opportunities that increase visibility and brand recognition, and community outreach activities such as parades – these activities show your concern and offer potential leads how much you value the community! While hosting or participating may require some planning beforehand, they’re well worth your while when done successfully!

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