How A to Z Plumbing Can Improve Your Home


Gas Leak Detection

Natural gas can be an efficient energy source, but like any resource, it can present risks if left improperly contained or if leaks occur. These threats range from home heating problems to explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning; any time you suspect a gas leak, it is vital to contact a professional who will quickly locate its source and make any necessary repairs.

An assortment of technologies exist for detecting gas leaks, including acoustic models and tracer gases. Acoustic models use acoustic signals to pinpoint where leakage exists, while tracer gases involve pressurizing nontoxic and insoluble gases like ammonia, halogens, or even helium into pipeline systems to be later detected with man-operated detectors (KVS 2015).

In addition to these tools, there are other methods available for detecting gas leaks. A hissing or whistling sound indicates there may be an active high-pressure gas leak present, and immediate action must be taken to evacuate the area.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating differs from forced air systems by dispensing heat to the objects and people within a room via infrared waves, making this system both more energy efficient and comfortable than its counterpart. Furthermore, radiant heating doesn’t entail duct losses or cause dust and allergen circulation in your home – something forced air systems do.

Radiant heating systems may either be hydronic or electric and installed into the floor, walls, or ceiling of any building structure. Hydronic radiant systems use hot water tubes that run beneath the floor while electric radiant systems utilize electrical wires that heat surfaces within walls or ceiling. Polymeric sheets may be placed over these coils to prevent potential fire hazards within homes.

Don has been an integral part of A to Z Statewide Plumbing’s growth since he first joined the company as a service technician in the early nineties. A former military man, Don brings discipline and responsibility to all his work – such as gas leak detection or replacing sewer systems – but his favorite services are family time and supporting Davie lacrosse team games!

Water Softeners

Water softeners work by extracting hardness-causing minerals from your home’s water supply, helping appliances run more efficiently while also preventing costly repairs and replacements. They also eliminate stains, scale buildup, and clogs, resulting in cleaner laundry, dishes, and skin and hair care routines.

Water softeners employ ion exchange to transform calcium and magnesium ions present in hard water into healthier sodium ions, with resin beads negatively charged by their design acting to attract them and trap them, then replacing them with beneficial sodium ions.

Water softeners should be regularly regenerated in order to remove contaminants and restore their resin beads, typically lasting 80-90 minutes for most systems. If yours takes too long or doesn’t regenerate at all, seek help from an expert plumber – they’ll analyze your system and pinpoint any problems – whether that be salt bridges, overflowing brine tanks, or expired resin beads and provide solutions.

Drain Cleaning

Maintaining clean drains is a critical aspect of maintaining any plumbing system. Over time, drains can become clogged with soap scum, hair, fats, oils, and other debris, which prevents them from functioning normally, resulting in slow drainage or standing water in sinks and tubs. Regular drain cleaning helps avoid these problems while prolonging pipe lifespan.

Clogged drains can create an unpleasant aroma in your home and, in extreme cases, even cause raw sewage to back up into it.

Homeowners frequently rely on store-bought chemical drain cleaners to try to clear clogged drains themselves, however these cleaners should only be used by professionals due to their hazardous properties. They usually contain sulfuric acid which can cause severe chemical and thermal burns upon contact with skin bare skin if left in contact for too long a time frame. When using chemical cleaners, it is advised that gloves and safety goggles be worn when handling. Hydro jetting services use high-pressure water that clears the entire length of the drain pipe while also helping prevent future clogs from forming.

Water Heater Installation

If you need a new water heater installed quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your daily schedule, A to Z Plumbing’s experienced plumbers are ready to assist. Expect quick, effective installations from them.

Clogged drains can be caused by build-ups of hair, soap scum, food debris, or grease that accumulate over time and lead to flooding, water damage, and higher utility bills. Our experienced plumbers use various methods for unclogging any drain.

Radiant Heating Our radiant heating systems use heat-transfer panels on floors, walls, or ceilings to heat homes efficiently. As an alternative to traditional forced air systems, radiant heating may save money in energy costs while we can repair or replace existing radiant heating systems as needed.