Is Cider Fast Fashion?


Cider stands as an exemplar of fast fashion done well, providing fashionistas with real-time updates to the latest fashion trends efficiently. Their order model reduces inventory waste while keeping prices affordable for their consumers.

Cider faces criticism regarding its ethical standards; an artist on Instagram even accused Cider of copying her designs without proper authorization.


Cider is an Instagram influencer- and TikTok star-endorsed fashion brand offering street styles at reasonable prices. Their website is organized to allow for ease of finding an outfit to match your aesthetic; size-inclusive clothing up to 4XL sizes are also offered in their selection of clothing offerings. Cider’s business model relies on selling high volumes directly to young women at low costs.

But is fast fashion sustainable? Cider claims to be eco-conscious and uses “smart fabrics,” adjusting production in response to customer data as needed. Additionally, their site hosts the Recycled Cider Collection consisting of 68 items created using Global Recycled Standards fabrics, recycled cotton, and biodegradable/compostable bag pledges. While these efforts are certainly better than nothing, they don’t address the root issues surrounding fast fashion.

Many consider Cider to be an ethical brand, yet some of its critics remain. Their primary complaints revolve around its size ranges, cultural appropriation issues, lack of transparency with production processes, and low durability of some products, like one reviewer claiming their sweater smelled bad after several washes.

If you are interested in Cider, reading reviews before purchasing any clothing is vital. Reading reviews will enable you to decide whether these clothes are worth their cost and whether or not they are high quality. Furthermore, check their return policy and shipping timelines, which may provide helpful insight.

The Cider app is free to download, with standard delivery available across the US. Purchases may also be returned within 15 days for a full refund, and customer service is available 24/7 for assistance.

Cider’s made-to-order model reduces fashion waste. When you order something through their website, it will be produced at their factory before being drop-shipped directly to you – this allows them to sell more pieces while decreasing inventory costs.

Although Cider offers reasonably affordable prices, it may not be ideal for eco-conscious shoppers. Their products are not ethically sourced, and their supply chain remains opaque – no names of factories were disclosed, nor they offered details on worker protection, fair trade standards, and sustainability certifications. For a greener choice, try buying brands that use organic materials while paying their workers living wages.


Cider is a new brand that has quickly gained attention due to its immense success on TikTok, with over 2 million Instagram followers and claims that production styles are tailored based on customer demand and help reduce fashion waste; however, their fast fashion brand status means there have been multiple complaints online regarding ordering, shipping, and returns issues.

At Cider, it’s important to remember that their size charts may not be entirely accurate, making shopping challenging for women with plus-size bodies who find clothing fitting difficult. Their website lists sizes ranging from XS-3X but does not include a size chart for each product.

Cider products are promoted using influencers and popular hashtags like “cider haul” and “shop-cider.” Their target market consists of young, fashionable people wanting to look hipster-chic; clothing promoted on Instagram or other social media platforms is boosted further by Cider. Unfortunately, despite all of its efforts, Cider has yet to break through to the forefront of fashion; whether or not they survive remains unknown.

Cider stands apart from other fast fashion brands by not disclosing its manufacturers and supply chain, thus increasing the risk of unethical practices and labor abuse and making it hard to determine how many designs are original. Furthermore, there is no Supplier Code of Conduct, so verifying the manufacturing process would be impossible.

Though this brand tries to be ethical, its practices are unsustainable. While they use membrane technology for treating wastewater, this process does not provide enough information on their website to be sustainable. Furthermore, straight-sized models are used in their fashion photos, which does not accommodate plus-size women adequately.

This company holds great promise, yet its service still has issues. While delivery times are fast and returns are free, some consumers have expressed discontent with product quality. Furthermore, their website lacks essential details regarding shipping costs and policies – something consumers who value sustainability or ethics may find offputting.

Aesthetically pleasing

Cider clothing offers affordable dresses and blouses that enhance any fashionable wardrobe at an unbeatably reasonable cost, ideal for creating trendy looks at an unbeatably reasonable price. There is something for every size and style in their selection, along with great styling tips available online. When purchasing something, read reviews and sizing charts before ordering so you know you will receive the correct fit.

One of the primary challenges faced by fast fashion brands is how to produce trendy and sustainable clothes. Cider has developed an innovative solution by adopting the made-to-order model. When customers order one or more pieces, Cider uses this process in its factory before shipping to customers’ US addresses, cutting down inventory waste while decreasing its environmental impact footprint.

Additionally, Cider has built up a loyal Gen Zs community that loves their products and is engaged on social media – this has contributed to Cider becoming so widely popular. Furthermore, there’s a great customer support system, so Cider’s support system can quickly address any issues.

Cider boasts a digital supply chain that gives feedback from factories on what styles are in demand, enabling them to stay abreast of trends and offer new products within days of them becoming viral on TikTok. Through this strategy, Cider has built up an expansive community collectively called the #cidergang.

The company offers an expansive selection of casual and formal clothing styles. Their offerings encompass various varieties of prints, colors, and fabrics to meet every need. Some even pay homage to vintage fashion from previous decades – such as denim skorts with corduroy finishes and those adorned with paisley designs.

Fast Fashion has earned itself a good reputation for fast shipping, yet its environmental practices remain unclear. How they produce clothing at such low costs remains unclear, and whether production methods used by Good On You meet acceptable ethical and ecological standards. Good On You has given Fast Fashion a “Very Poor” rating due to unsustainable and unethical production methods used during manufacturing.

Good customer support

Cider is an affordable, fast fashion brand offering trendy clothing. TikTok videos often inspire their collections, meaning old styles may reappear within weeks. Furthermore, many products feature Y2K aesthetics making them the ideal solution for girls wanting to emulate Matilda from Euphoria or Olivia Rodrigo from Modern Family at a fraction of the price point.

Cider stands out from other fast fashion brands by using predictive technology to predict which items customers will purchase and only ship them what’s necessary – this reduces fashion waste and inventory costs. Still, questions remain about their sustainability practices, mainly how they source fabrics.

Cider has taken steps to be more ethical by purchasing fabric from suppliers who fulfill its environmental and social responsibility criteria and offering made-to-order models. While this is impressive, more transparency around wool sourcing and traceability would also help.

Customer support at this company is very responsive and helpful; you can reach them by email or live chat to address any issues. Furthermore, they provide a money-back guarantee if any item doesn’t match its description; free returns can also be offered if it’s the wrong size.

Cider’s ability to recreate trends quickly sets it apart from other fast fashion brands. They can produce and ship a new product directly to the market within three to seven days – giving them more opportunities to capitalize on emerging trends while maintaining low prices by cutting out traditional production costs.

Shop Cider is an eco-conscious fast-fashion company. Using recycled materials and encouraging manufacturers to implement animal welfare policies, Shop Cider strives to be more eco-friendly than its rivals by using a made-to-order system that reduces fashion waste. Plus, it ships its clothing directly to consumers, significantly reducing shipping and packaging costs.