Mens Fashion 2022 Trends


Menswear designer Todd Snyder offers his unique spin on puffer jackets – monstrous versions that provide warmth while remaining conversation starters. Pair with an accompanying shearling hat and Carhartt hoodie for effortless style on the go.

Gorpcore remains a trend among style icons like Harry Styles. Invest in wool tailoring in dark blue or off-white tones to maintain this iconic style, pairing it with Carhartt beanie hats or Timberland boots for maximum impact.

Bright Colors

Men looking to break free from neutral tones should consider adding vibrant hues as a great way to break things up a bit and add flair. Using bold hues from your blazer or tie will surely stand out, adding flair and personality. However, remember that bright hues may be challenging to combine, so for an effective result, it is wiser to stick with lighter shades in combination with neutrals such as white, brown, or gray to avoid looking like an eye sore!

Pink has made an unexpected return this season in a big way. The color has become associated with ballet core trends and been seen on runways by Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, and GMBH. While pink may appear too feminine for some tastes, its combination with lace patterns or floral motifs helps create a uniquely masculine aesthetic.

Blue is another favorite hue. While some men may shy away from it, blue can be an ideal option for those who find bold colors intimidating – as it easily matches and complements other hues such as black, green, red, and orange.

Orange makes for a striking accent color when worn with dark blues, such as in high-waisted pants paired with black crop tops to show off those abs! For an all-out orange ensemble, pair wide-leg trousers with loafers and the season’s It bag, such as Loewe’s Puzzle bag.

This season’s fashion shows challenged gendered styles as designers experimented with dresses and skirts designed for men. This trend encourages men to embrace their femininity to develop a new sense of themselves and gain more self-expression.

Oversized Tailoring

Oversized tailoring may have fallen out of fashion in the 1990s. Still, this year’s return for men has seen them reinvent it as an urban look with relaxed blazers hanging loosely from shoulders, wide-leg trousers tapering down towards the ankle, and oversized coats with solid shoulders, creating a rugged yet refined urban vibe for 2022.

Dua Lipa, Hailey Baldwin, and Jerry Lorenzo of Fear of God have embraced this trend, proving its longevity when shopping for deliberately oversized pieces that fit you perfectly versus those stretched out on a hanger.

Demna Gvasalia at Balenciaga showcased this trend through oversized coats with hanging shoulders that paid homage to the Billy Big Blazer movement, and Kim Jones of Dior used dressmaking techniques to craft softly draped jackets that turned away from the body rather than hug it close. Louis Vuitton shearling-lined aviator coats with faux fur trim and faux fur trim from Rick Owens also helped revive it.

Casualwear should include lightweight knitwear and tees; for smarter occasions, opt for a slouchy jumpsuit cut fuller than your average suit with dropped shoulders and a relaxed waistline for something more brilliant yet still casual – this look pairs perfectly with sneakers or loafers!

Utility Aesthetic

Menswear trends have evolved toward casual and street-style apparel in recent years, and designers are exploring utilitarian styles. Inspired by workwear and army uniforms, this trend can be found in cargo pants, many-pocketed vests, varsity jackets, and bomber jackets – ideal for layering over hoodies or pairing with jeans and trainers for an athletic look. 2022 will surely see more utilitarian pieces come back into fashion!

Last season’s oversized tailoring has made its comeback this season but with an emphasis on comfort and practicality. Look out for relaxed blazers, wide-leg pants with comfortable fits, and coats featuring strong shoulders; just be careful not to go too far with this look, as overdoing it could come across as clownish or too casual.

Katya Bychkova and Style Sprinter, style experts, believe high-waisted jeans should be replaced with low-waisted styles and camo print clothing should become less prevalent over time, while oversize sunglasses should be traded in for smaller rectangular frames.

Utility style is an effortless look that’s easy to incorporate into your daily wear, making it the ideal look for everyday life and work. Start by pairing some OG-107 fatigue pants with a plain white long-sleeve tee. Complete your look with chunky trainers from brands like Carhartt WIP, Acronym, or Albam, and you are set! For additional style inspiration, take note of what style icons such as Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, or Billy Porter have been seen wearing; their relaxed yet put-back aesthetic encapsulates what defines this trend perfectly – all have their unique aesthetic that gives this trend its distinct vibe; not overthought “trendy” looks but something any man can rock.


Men’s fashion 2022 trend we noticed the most this season was skirts for men. While dresses may be more commonplace in women than men, more men are adding them to their closets – from rockstars to social media influencers; wearing skirts has become more mainstream.

Skirts for men were once seen as an eccentric statement piece, but this season they’ve entered mainstream culture. Designers disproved gender norms by showing dresses and skirts alongside trousers on the runway – this trend was most evident when Louis Vuitton and Kenzo released leather versions of letterman jackets as letterman jackets for men; complete leather ensembles also made waves alongside Rick Owens’ fierce and towering boots, which proved that monochrome black dressing doesn’t read as safe!

Harry Styles, Brad Pitt, and Lil Nas X have become well-known male celebrities who wear skirts often — even if this trend remains new for most men. TikTok users have adopted the #boysinskirts hashtag to share looks and style advice related to wearing skirts as an unconventional fashion choice for male users.

Menswear brands now provide men with various skirt options, including tailored pencil skirts, denim miniskirts, and pleated styles – many indistinguishable from womenswear without their label’s “men’s” logo. Online stores like Mr. Porter, ASOS, and Cettire now have dedicated sections for menswear skirts. In contrast, The Skirt Cafe, an influential forum dedicated to male-friendly fashion, also has new dresses designed exclusively for male wearers – such as custom fleece-lined winter designs by Blaklader builder’s kilts, which feature multiple pockets!

Crop Tops

Crop tops became fashionable during World War II as fabric was scarce and restricted primarily to swimwear. Later, during the sexual revolution of the early 1960s and 1970s, when actors like Barbara Eden (star of NBC’s I Dream of Jeannie) and Jane Birkin began wearing them publicly, becoming fashionable once more. Today they can be worn in various ways; typically used to highlight waistline or create sexy silhouettes, it pairs well with high-waisted pants or overalls to maximize their effect or add a retro or rustic aesthetic.

Though once seen as feminine or queer, menswear designers have taken note of this trend and made it part of their collections with cropped tanks, T-shirt dresses, and short-sleeve shirts featuring this feature – these can even feature unique textures such as gathered poplin or rib knit fabrics to accentuate it further.

Skirts were once exclusively considered feminine clothing but are now seen as fashionable trends among male fashion enthusiasts. Thanks to gender-fluid celebrities like Harry Styles and Kid Cudi and numerous kameez, lungi, and dhoti-wearing male fashion enthusiasts all around the world wearing kameez lungis or dhotis with androgynous flairs like kameez lungi or dhoti garments; men are using skirts as part of their Instagram aesthetic to upgrade their Instagram aesthetic game by donning leather versions or relaxed sandal-like pieces such as these to up their Instagram aesthetic game by using them upping their Instagram aesthetic game on Instagram by using these laced and voluminous pieces in 2022!